Summer is gearing up!

Hello, everyone! Thank you for waiting.

As you might be able to see, a lot of things in the shop are sold out! Anime North cleaned me out, again! >O<);

Luckily, I have finally found a new supplier, and my stock should be able to stay constant over the summer.

I have some new designs coming to the shop this summer, so keep an eye for them around July.

The shop should restock in June.

Thank you for your love and support, patience, and also of course, appreciating my vision and letting my work live on through clothes! Thank you!

With love,


Spring 2017 & Future Plans

Hello guys! Ocean here!

I'm very happy to finally announce my 2017 spring line. It's almost 90% fairy-kei though, isn't it...
Regardless, I hope you enjoy these new fluffy pieces in the shop!

As I mentioned in my past couple entries, I am unfortunately still suffering from an injury. I have posted about this on all of my social media sites, but just to reiterate, I will be taking it a bit easy this year. Conventions wise, I will still be attending as many as I can with some help. All your well wishes are much appreciated.

Speaking of conventions, I have been accepted into Anime North! I completely sold out of some items last year on the first day, so this year I will be fully stocked! Really looking forward to it.

Other big news, is I will be moving studios at the beginning of May! So I will have more room for the expansion of items, and more room to be free and make art!

With my health and also moving being big upcoming hurdles, please have patience with me over the next couple of months with upcoming orders. Your understanding is greatly appreciated💕

On the subject of the future of OIS~ I am still looking for a new supplier. So if anything becomes permanent, I will announce it!

I can't wait to show you what I have planned for summer💕
Thank you for everything, hope you guys enjoy the new pieces! 


Temporary Fabric Change & New Line

Hello everyone, happy new years! 🎉 I hope everyone had an eventful and enjoyable holiday.💕

Ocean In Space had its first anniversary this past November, and I'm very pleased and also surprised with just how much it's grown over such a short period of time. I really look forward to expanding the line this year.

Temporary fabric sample.

Temporary fabric sample.

Over the winter, as I may have mentioned on my Tumblr and Instagram, I've been a nervous system condition. If you hadn't heard, don't worry, I'm okay! (Ha ha) I've been going to physiotherapy over the past month and my condition is improving daily. I think I should be back to 100% in a month.

Because of my illness I haven't been too active, so I took a lot of time this past winter season focusing on researching new suppliers. Whilst running Ocean In Space I have been learning a lot about business and merchandising, and with this new-found knowledge I know I also need to find a new supplier that is more reliable.

With that said, I may be going through testing some new fabrics.

The only piece to be effected will be Chibi Demon, temporarily starting February. My goal is to primarily sell these particular pieces at conventions so the online shop is the least effected!
To be specific, the material feels the same but is thinner, and therefore does not produce as much of a stretch. Therefore, I will be stocking XL & 2XL sizes for Chibi Demon for a short time.
The size of these new shirts are the same oversized Ocean In Space fit. ðŸ’•

I will update any time there are any other material changes. For now, everything else is fully stocked in our original material (including Chibi Demon, until my current stock is sold). :)

I am currently researching new suppliers who can offer me the same material. That is my utmost priority! âœ¨ So I will update everyone again if we have to make any more temporary changes. But the goal right now is finding the same fabric as before. So your patience is appreciated in my days of research.

I might add, in my research, I've also found suppliers who can provide a bigger selection. So expect many new pieces this spring and summer! (That means tanks... finally!)

Thank you for reading! Let's kick this year's ass!! \o/


Boxing Day Sale Shipment Delay

Thank you everyone for the support on the sale yesterday!!!🍓💕 I am looking forward to making Ocean In Space even bigger and better in the new year, so all the support helps! Thank you!

Unfortunately I'm having some technical difficulties combined with the surge of orders, so they may take a couple of days to get fully shipped out. I am aiming to have all orders shipped by Friday (the 30th). You will receive an e-mail when your order is shipped.

Apologies for the inconvenience & thank you for your support and co-operation!

October Re-Launch

Hello hello!!

It's been a little while, but Ocean In Space is back... and with a (kind of) new layout!! AND logo!! (Did you notice?)

I have had such a busy year so far. There were so many designs I was able bring with me on the road to conventions this year, and it took me so long to finally give the online site attention to put up the new items properly. But finally, they are here!! I hope you enjoy RPG girl, Fruit girl, and all of their other weird friends.

Some of these new items, mainly the sleeveless ones, were tests and one-offs, so I only have so many copies of them and will not be printing them again. However, I will probably bring them back, but it different cuts or different materials.

I have learned a lot over the past year, meeting other clothes designers like me and making lots of great connections. I'm learning lots of new terms, fabrics, and ways to make clothes, so I am really hoping my next release will be even better! I hope you will look forward to the new pieces I have coming in 2017.

As for me personally, I have come down with a bit of sickness over the past month which has made it really difficult for me to keep up with work. So I will be working hard to send out all the new orders, but I apologize  if I am a day or two behind.

As usual thank you always for the support! I hope I can continue to make new & exciting & fresh designs that'll make everyone super happy.

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram (I am most active on Instagram).

See you again soon!!!!




Custom Clothing

Hello hello!!

We are still waiting on the arrival of new products, so I do apologize for that.

However in the meantime, custom clothing orders are now open! I have created a form and FAQ that will hopefully cover any questions, but if you do have any, feel free to ask (comment or e-mail).

You can check all the info out here.

Thanks again for supporting Ocean In Space.

Anime North 2016

Hello all!

I just got back from Anime North (Toronto, Ontario) and as you might be able to tell from the shop, I completely sold out! So a big thanks to everyone who stopped by and supported my work!

Since it takes up to four weeks to restock, I will not have any new stock until the end of June. Very sorry about that.

However, in the addition of new stock in June I will be releasing a summer line in July. So keep an eye out for it!

In the question of custom t-shirt designs, these will be opening up in June as well.

I have a lot in store for Ocean In Space this summer.... so please stay tuned! Thanks for your patience and I will continue to work hard!

xoxo Just floating through space,


Anime North 2016

Anime North 2016

Policy Update

Hi guys!! Just letting you know I’ve updated the contents of the contact page.

The tl;dr is that I can no longer provide free replacement packages for lost shipments unless coverage is purchased with your order (an extra $3). There is also a new option for expedited & tracked parcels for international customers.

However, please always read through thoroughly before placing an order.

Orders made before this date are not effected by the update.

Thank you for ordering from OIS~~💕