Ocean In Space Official Launch!

Hello, Ocean here!!

I'm very pleased to announce the official launch of Ocean In Space, and the first entry of the official blog!! * O*/ I'll be updating this thing when there are new updates to the site.

~A Brief History Lesson~

I made the Circus Ganbare! Tee primarily for myself last April. When the sample came in, I was so impressed how it looked, and after posting it online, others wanted one, too...! I always thought about make clothes, but I was always scared nobody would want to wear anything I designed. I knew if I were ever to design clothes, I would want it to be very expressive and very in-your-face. So I was surprised (and overjoyed) people wanted to wear something so flashy.

After the Circus Ganbare Tee took off, I decided to make the Pon Pon Dessert Tee for the part-convention/part-rave Atomic Lollipop. This was my shirt time selling my shirts at a convention, and was worried how they would go.
Surprising to me... they sold out first day!! ; *_* ;

Since then I have been branching out into different designs and am hoping to grow Ocean In Space even further in 2016.

My brief history lesson was not so brief... |||

Thank you for the love and support! And thank you everyone who has been following my work thus far. I'm so thankful to have you guys.

Hope you will continue to support me!

With love,