October Re-Launch

Hello hello!!

It's been a little while, but Ocean In Space is back... and with a (kind of) new layout!! AND logo!! (Did you notice?)

I have had such a busy year so far. There were so many designs I was able bring with me on the road to conventions this year, and it took me so long to finally give the online site attention to put up the new items properly. But finally, they are here!! I hope you enjoy RPG girl, Fruit girl, and all of their other weird friends.

Some of these new items, mainly the sleeveless ones, were tests and one-offs, so I only have so many copies of them and will not be printing them again. However, I will probably bring them back, but it different cuts or different materials.

I have learned a lot over the past year, meeting other clothes designers like me and making lots of great connections. I'm learning lots of new terms, fabrics, and ways to make clothes, so I am really hoping my next release will be even better! I hope you will look forward to the new pieces I have coming in 2017.

As for me personally, I have come down with a bit of sickness over the past month which has made it really difficult for me to keep up with work. So I will be working hard to send out all the new orders, but I apologize  if I am a day or two behind.

As usual thank you always for the support! I hope I can continue to make new & exciting & fresh designs that'll make everyone super happy.

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram (I am most active on Instagram).

See you again soon!!!!