Temporary Fabric Change & New Line

Hello everyone, happy new years! 🎉 I hope everyone had an eventful and enjoyable holiday.💕

Ocean In Space had its first anniversary this past November, and I'm very pleased and also surprised with just how much it's grown over such a short period of time. I really look forward to expanding the line this year.

Temporary fabric sample.

Temporary fabric sample.

Over the winter, as I may have mentioned on my Tumblr and Instagram, I've been a nervous system condition. If you hadn't heard, don't worry, I'm okay! (Ha ha) I've been going to physiotherapy over the past month and my condition is improving daily. I think I should be back to 100% in a month.

Because of my illness I haven't been too active, so I took a lot of time this past winter season focusing on researching new suppliers. Whilst running Ocean In Space I have been learning a lot about business and merchandising, and with this new-found knowledge I know I also need to find a new supplier that is more reliable.

With that said, I may be going through testing some new fabrics.

The only piece to be effected will be Chibi Demon, temporarily starting February. My goal is to primarily sell these particular pieces at conventions so the online shop is the least effected!
To be specific, the material feels the same but is thinner, and therefore does not produce as much of a stretch. Therefore, I will be stocking XL & 2XL sizes for Chibi Demon for a short time.
The size of these new shirts are the same oversized Ocean In Space fit. 💕

I will update any time there are any other material changes. For now, everything else is fully stocked in our original material (including Chibi Demon, until my current stock is sold). :)

I am currently researching new suppliers who can offer me the same material. That is my utmost priority!  So I will update everyone again if we have to make any more temporary changes. But the goal right now is finding the same fabric as before. So your patience is appreciated in my days of research.

I might add, in my research, I've also found suppliers who can provide a bigger selection. So expect many new pieces this spring and summer! (That means tanks... finally!)

Thank you for reading! Let's kick this year's ass!! \o/