Spring Collection 2016

Hello hello!!! \o/ Ocean here!

The snow is melting and spring is in the air. And I'm very happy to release a couple new things to the shop!
Some things might look a bit familiar. Chibi Demon, in particular.

I made the original Chibi Demon design (on the right) last fall with an attempt to make something more subdued. A lot of people would pass by at conventions saying the colours of most of the shirts were too much for them to wear. So I went for something a little darker. I still wanted to throw in some cute colours though, so my inspiration for the colour palette was from a roll of washi tape I got in Japan.

In the design process, I felt like I rushed it; I wasn't happy with the drawing or any of the overall composition... but I had a deadline so I put it out.

.The design proved to be my most popular design ....... ;; And all in all, I felt I really rushed it. And if you're an artist, you know how irritating it is to have everyone like your least-favorite piece!

So I retired it, and came out with something that expressed my vision better. I heard a lot of people still like the older design more, but, alas !! I think she is so cute now.

Convention season is upon us now. So if you live in the Ontario or Montreal area, you will most likely see me at the following cons!


Anime North (May 27-29) *
Atomic Lollipop (??)
Montreal Comiccon (July 8-10)
ConBravo (July 29-31) *
Otakuthon/Anime Revolution (Aug 5-7)
Fan Expo (Sept 1-4) *
Forest City Comicon (Nov 5-6) *

For most of my con life, I stuck to selling fanart prints are merchandise. But since I branched out into my own original material, I'm slowly retiring all my fan works. I wish I could do them all! But there just is not enough time or energy within me anymore to do it all.

That being said, I'm very grateful to have all my followers, and many of you who have been here since the beginning when I was trying to find myself. I really feel like I am on the path to finding artistic contentment, and I'm so glad others appreciate my vision! As an artist, that's all I want. I hope my work can continue to make people happy just as much as it makes me.

I'm going to try and work hard on some items for the summer. Feel free to check me out on other social media connections. I'll see you in the summer! \o/


    The original Chibi Demon design made Fall 2015.

    The original Chibi Demon design made Fall 2015.

My inspiration for the colour palette was from a roll of washi tape I got in Japan.

My inspiration for the colour palette was from a roll of washi tape I got in Japan.

    The new Chibi Demon design.

    The new Chibi Demon design.

    Toronto Comicon, 2016.

    Toronto Comicon, 2016.

Ocean In Space Official Launch!

Hello, Ocean here!!

I'm very pleased to announce the official launch of Ocean In Space, and the first entry of the official blog!! * O*/ I'll be updating this thing when there are new updates to the site.

~A Brief History Lesson~

I made the Circus Ganbare! Tee primarily for myself last April. When the sample came in, I was so impressed how it looked, and after posting it online, others wanted one, too...! I always thought about make clothes, but I was always scared nobody would want to wear anything I designed. I knew if I were ever to design clothes, I would want it to be very expressive and very in-your-face. So I was surprised (and overjoyed) people wanted to wear something so flashy.

After the Circus Ganbare Tee took off, I decided to make the Pon Pon Dessert Tee for the part-convention/part-rave Atomic Lollipop. This was my shirt time selling my shirts at a convention, and was worried how they would go.
Surprising to me... they sold out first day!! ; *_* ;

Since then I have been branching out into different designs and am hoping to grow Ocean In Space even further in 2016.

My brief history lesson was not so brief... |||

Thank you for the love and support! And thank you everyone who has been following my work thus far. I'm so thankful to have you guys.

Hope you will continue to support me!

With love,