Lucky Bag 2019

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Lucky Bag 2019

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Lucky bags or "fukubukuro" is a Japanese New Year's custom in which businesses make up grab bags of substantially discounted merchandise from the previous year.

Only a limited amount of bags are available.
Returns of lucky bags are not accepted.

Ocean In Space will be presenting three Lucky bag types this year:

Type A : $35 ($60~$70 value inside)
-Includes at least one t-shirt, tanktop, hat, or sweater

Type B : $65 ($90~$105 value inside)
-Includes two t-shirts, tanktops, hats, or a combination — or one sweater or one hoodie

Type C : $20 ($35~$40 value inside)
-Accessories only. (Stickers, keychains, enamel pins, washi tape) May include a hat or bag.


  • XL bags do not include any overalls.

  • Type A bags may include discounted crewnecks sweaters.

  • 5% of Type A bags do not have any type of garment, just hats/bags.

  • Some lucky bags contain items that were also in 2018’s lucky bags.

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