Mahou Shoujo ni Naritai Tee

Mahou Shoujo ni Naritai Tee


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Calling all magical girls around the world! This piece is a tribute to all the girls still want to fight evil and save the universe in the name of love. Perfect for those pastel summer days!

✩All-over print t-shirt
✩Made from 100% polyester
✩Machine washable
✩Sleeves feature star & strawberry magical "compacts"
✩Back reads (変身 "henshin!" = transform!)

★Bust/Length sizes★ 
XS: 34-36" / 25.5
S: 35" / 25"
M: 38" / 26"
L: 42" / 27"
XL: 45-47" / 30"

Models Chérilyne & Becca are bpth wearing smalls.

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