Hello wavies, and welcome to our very first blog post directly on the Ocean In Space website!🌊
Here, we will use this blog to keep you updated on our current order load, workflow, etc. I (Ocean) usually update my Instagram story and posts with all these sorts of things, but I realize sometimes those things can be lost and are not quite reliable to someone just looking for straightforward information. So I will make sure to do that here!
For today's blog post, you're speaking to Ocean 💅✨ Boss and main illustrator! But as our team grows, you may read updates from some of our other team ♥
Now, on with the updates:

1.) Christmas & Holiday Schedule

First and foremost - here is our Christmas shipping schedule. Please keep it in mind for your holiday purchases.

  •  December 4: Last day for customers outside the USA to place orders and receive them for Christmas
  • December 13: Last day for US-based customers to place orders and receive them for Christmas
  • December 21: Shop closes for the holidays
  • January 2: Shop reopens


2.) Black Friday/Cyber Monday Order Updates

Currently, we have 700 (!!!) orders in our queue, and this is still after shipping out most of our DDLC! Pre-order items. So, thank you so much for making our Black Friday/Cyber Monday event so successful!

And for additional transparency here -- 99% of our orders are shipped straight from Washington USA from the fulfillment company White Squirrel, which specializes in selling/shipping artist goods to customers. So with that being said, we are not their only client, and White Squirrel currently has many more orders to fulfill with ongoing Kickstarter projects on their list as well.

So basically right now, this season is quite busy for everyone - so if you have ordered from Ocean In Space within the past week and have not received any update, this is the reason! We're very sorry for the delay and your patience is much appreciated through this very busy season. Thank you guys for your understanding.


3.) DDLC! Pre-orders, Back-orders, and Restocks

Currently, 99% of our DDLC! Pre-order items (such as cardigans and itabags) have been fulfilled. There are still a couple of outstanding orders that we have inquired about to our fulfillment center. If in any case these orders aren't able to be fulfilled due to a miscount (like not receiving as many as we sold) these customers would go onto our backorder list.

As for DDLC Cardigans Back-orders specifically, they are currently in production! We are hoping they will arrive sometime this month or next, and be shipped out to customers by the end of January 2024.

Regarding Itabags, I forsee these selling out very soon (we only have a couple left at the time I post this), so we will be working on a restock for the second quarter of 2024 (April/May/June), as well as t-shirts. We've restocked the DDLC t-shirts twice already, and I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly they sell out every time. Thank you guys for all your support!

To Canadian customers who happen to see us at local conventions, we will be restocking the DDLC t-shirts, cardigans, and itabags for Anime North 2024, so keep an eye open for them there.



5.) 2024 Calendar

This one is running a little bit behind schedule because our local printers have been having some trouble with their systems the past couple of weeks. These are currently in production, and we hope to get them fulfilled by Christmas time. So if all goes well, these should arrive right before the New Year, or shortly after. Apologies for the delay on this one.


6.) Totally Spies!/Chibi Vampire Patreon Shipments

Since I'll be moving all physical Patreon fulfillment rewards to this shop, I'll make sure I keep the blog updated with these, too. In the New Year, I'll be referring to these as "Ocean Club" shipments, and no longer Patreon shipments.

For the record, Chibi Vampire has already been shipped around the middle of November, so if you haven't received those already, they should be arriving soon.

 Regarding the Chibi Vampire sets, we made an error in our fulfillment and some of them were missing sticker sheets last month. If you have encountered this, please let our support team know.

As for the Totally Spies shipment, our washi tape was mispackaged and ended up with another one of my supplier's customers... x.x So we are still waiting for that to arrive. We're hoping we can get all of these shipped by mid-December.

 Also, leftover Chibi Vampire sets have been officially uploaded to the Secret Shop! So they are available now there.

That's about it for updates; personally speaking, I'll be on vacation out of the province from Dec-5th~14th, so if you want to keep up follow me on Instagram I'll be posting plenty of updates on my story ♥

As always if you have any questions or concerns about your order, or just wanna say hi♥ reach out to us at support@oceaninspace.com !

Happy holidays everyone!