What are pre-orders?  A pre-order item means you are paying for an item upfront before it is manufactured, understanding that it will be shipped at a later date.
Pre-orders are ideal for businesses in the sense that they provide a safety net fund the overhead of manufacturing a design.
Pre-orders are also subject to delays and early shipments and can change at any time, due to any reason.

Rough estimates for shipping times are always stated in the product listing, and any updates or delays are always relayed to customers via the e-mail address that was provided during checkout.




"Ocean Club Pre-orders" apply to currently open Ocean Club sets, (ones that are available publicly for the current month) and run for the pre-order time of the current active month. Once the pre-order period is over, your set will ship the first week of the following month.

Ocean Club sets can be purchased with other in-stock items, however, you will be charged an extra shipping fee and they will ship separately from current running Ocean Club sets.